bio picJames O. Rodgers spent much of his professional career bringing his comprehensive, logical approach to diversity management to such high-profile clients as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, United Way, and Southern Company.

Privately, he was struggling with a diversity issue of his own: religious diversity.

Born into a high-profile Baptist family, James wondered how he could reconcile the teachings of his church with his growing belief that no single religion held all the answers to a person’s relationship with God.

Did he have to abandon his church to find his path to God or narrow his growing worldview in order to comfortably fellowship with a Christian community?

He found the answer and wrote about it in Epiphany: Finding Truth Without Losing Faith. It explores his belief that spirituality requires more than adherence to a set of creeds dogma or doctrine. And it invites readers to question their own relationship with religion and how it affects their spirituality and sense of self.

James is also a public speaker, facilitator, and the author of Managing Differently™: Getting 100% from 100% of Your People 100% of the Time. He received his MBA from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In 2014, he was honored by the University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Business at the Excellence in Business Top 25 Awards, which recognizes UAB graduates who have achieved extraordinary success as business leaders.

Contact James O. Rodgers if you’d like to learn more about how to address issues of religious diversity in the workplace or to order online bulk copies of best spiritual book, best christian book i ever studied Epiphany: Finding Truth Without Losing Faith.

Praise for Epiphany: Finding Truth Without Losing Faith

The reading of this new book, Epiphany by James Rodgers left a profound impression on me. First I found that he was voicing many of the same thoughts I had been wrestling with as the pastor of an urban church in Newark, New Jersey. Secondly, he was offering us alternatives to the traditional approaches we’ve used in our efforts to be relevant to a new generation.  He offered up new thinking tools, a new attitude about our faith and a new view of what spiritual intimacy might look in our present day.  Thirdly, I heard in his words a call to take on the quest that every born again individual is call  to take on in Matthew 28 and that is to go into all the world to teach. In this book Epiphany, I hear a still small voice saying: “Change the method not the message.”

Paul Graves
Pastor and Teacher

A TIMELY & EXCELLENT BOOK!!! Epiphany challenges the reader to move beyond the dogma of traditional religious institutions and to basically THINK beyond the confines of “my beliefs vs. their beliefs.” The author uses his Christian faith principles to make us aware that the dogma of “0ld Time Religion” has alienated youth of all faiths. We have gone from “horse and buggy” to “flight” yet we deny our youth and inquiring adults the opportunity to question the doctrines of our faith. “Because it’s in the bible” is no longer an acceptable or intelligent answer for our young millennials. We need to create “comfort zones” to encourage open dialogue with all who have questions.
 We must do better! This book provides a frame work to recognize and respect all religions and it also provides a much needed guide for those seeking peace, love, & compassion in this chaotic world!

Rose Wallace

James Rodgers has been churchin’ his whole life, but that didn’t stop him from asking questions about his Christian faith and seeking other spiritual perspectives. In “Epiphany: Finding Truth Without Losing Faith,” Rodgers take us on his journey to answer some pretty important questions about Faith and Truth: What are you looking for? Religion or science? What is God? What is truth? What is Christ? What is the kingdom of heaven? What is the Bible? What is love? He researches texts from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and more. He finds some amazing similarities in his search. The journey for Truth is one each of us should take and “Epiphany” shows us a good way to go on that journey.

L. Alston

Thank you so much for sending me the autographed copy of Epiphany, as well as an additional copy. I will share the additional copy with the most worthy person I know!
Your book is a blessing to the world–as are you yourself, as a thinking man of faith and a great soul. Thank you also for mentioning me in the Acknowledgments! I wish you every success with your book. It is an important message, beautifully expressed.

June Saunders




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